Class Music: Basics, 18 March 2016

Welcome back, dancers! I hope that you all had a great spring break. Today’s class was very small… perhaps everyone is still recovering from Saint Patrick’s Day?  😉

Recently in Ballet Basics we have been working on a very short adage which combines a series of tendus with slow glissades and grand rond de jambs en fondu (big circles on the floor with the support leg “melted”). We’ll be building these same steps into a faster rhythm as the semester progresses, but for now we have been dancing to a short piece from the soundtrack to the 2007 film, Becoming Jane. The piece is called “Advice from a Young Lady” by composer Adrian Johnston, and it is track #8 on the CD.

Our goal in this piece en centre is to take individual skills learned at the barre, such as the tendu and rond de jamb, and put them together as linked elements in choreography. We’ll also continue to work on putting together the motions of the arms (port de bras) and legs, and practice that until it begins to feel more natural.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in Basics next Friday!




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