Class Music: Intermediate, 17 February 2016

Yesterday in Intermediate Ballet we began building the skills used in the petit adage: the shorter, slower and more romantic form of choreography that utilizes techniques such as the developpé and arabesque (each of which will receive their own blog spotlight post very soon). Instead of the typical piano music, we worked instead to tracks off the soundtrack to the film Lust/Caution, by French film composer Alexandre Desplat. The first was a short piece entitled “Falling Rain” (CD track #3), and the second was “Wong Chia Chi’s Theme” (CD track #22). I love the ethereal quality of Desplat’s music – there is a soft but ever-present rhythm in both of these pieces, but each seems and feels lighter than air.

We’ll continue to build on the skills for adage in our last two Intermediate classes, as well as reintroducing the petit allegro from the Baliakhova CD – back by popular demand!


(Side note: Though a rather heavy and well… risqué… film, I highly recommend Lust/Caution. I feel it’s one of Ang Lee’s best works, and embodies Eileen Chang’s heartbreaking story perfectly. Just be aware that the film’s title is extremely apropos of the subject matter…)


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